Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions


People wonder what hypnotherapy is and whether it can help  them solve ongoing problems like anxiety, depression or addictive behaviors.  Hypnotherapy helps get to the root cause of problems by bringing up what is hidden from you.  

 Let me explain this in an easy way.

We have three levels of consciousness. There is the conscious mind. There is the subconscious mind and the super conscious mind.  Have you ever been on a long drive and suddenly realized you have no recollection of where the last hour or so went? Of course you answered yes.  That was your conscious mind doing the thinking. Then there is the subconscious mind that was doing the driving, breathing, all the functions, plus saving the memory of all the lost time. The super conscious mind, the third level, can be compared to the virtual hard drive in a computer. It stores all your memories, some believe,  even past life memories.  I often refer to it as the record of your soul journey. Your soul carries every incarnation plus every memory from those incarnations.

Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to quiet down so you can access what is "hidden" from your conscious awareness in the subconscious mind.  Hypnosis is a state similar to relaxation or meditation.  In this state your body is deeply relaxed while your subconscious mind is very alert and assists you in providing the key memories as to the reasons why you are suffering from  anxiety and/or depression.  These types of memories are difficult to recall during waking consciousness, which is why hypnotherapy, or regression therapy is so effective.  It tends to transport you to the right time and right place to get to the root cause of most problems.   

In my experience people tend to have repetitive themes or patterns that show up in their lives over and over again.  They have similar emotional responses to these repetitive themes.  Sort of the same story slightly different plot scenarios.  Regression  therapy helps resolve the fear, anxiety,  depression, or addiction once and for all. 

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