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I offer the following alternative therapy services for anxiety, depression and trauma.  The details of each service can be accessed at the top of the page

* Regression Therapy 

* Emotional Freedom Techniques

* Past Life Therapy 

* Spirit Release Therapy 

* Matrix Reimprinting with EFT



It was a Wednesday night when I had this dream where there was two of me. We were wearing the same clothes and looked exactly the same. But one of me wanted to hurt they other me. The following night I started having these thoughts where I believed I was in danger until it climaxed where thoughts of my deepest fear kept coming through. Physically I felt nauseous, my throat closed up and I was wretching.  I could not eat or drink and I felt so tired. My stomach was so tense I could feel it in my sleep. It felt like I was being tortured. I could not go on like this. I knew I needed help. 

I arranged to see Suzanne and that morning my head and the back of my neck felt heavy. I was not sure what to expect and my brain felt like it had shut down. I sat in her recliner and through hypnosis I found myself standing in front of a mirror that reflected that which does not belong to me or was not of me. My head and the back of my neck felt heavy and was surrounded by a blackish green mist. 

When Suzanne tried to interact with it, nothing came through. There were no words. It was like I lost all ability to formulate words. I felt shock and fear literally vibrating through my whole body, taking my breath away [which were not my feelings.] She helped me release whatever it was that had a hold on me. I felt the tension slowly leave my body, through my mouth. Then I felt was calm and peaceful. When I opened my eyes, I felt I could see better, no aches, no tension and full of energy. I felt like a different person from the one who entered her office. I felt like myself again.  -  Nirvana M.


I am an ex-client of Suzanne Biddiscombe’s, who I consulted in 2013 when I lived in Miami, for a long lasting eating disorder that I couldn´t get rid of.  After 12 intense sessions, I was healed in a way that I never thought possible.  Today, 5 years later, I still immensely grateful for her therapy and so happy for its outcome.

Since then I have moved to Mexico, and therefore am quite far away from Suzanne´s practice. Nonetheless, I saw her about a year ago as she visited Mexico City, and she offered to do a session, which I viewed as a follow-up.   The session was completely different from any other before. In a deeply relaxed state (which Suzanne help you reach), she suggested to me I was in a room, with several doors, and asked me to open one and tell her what I was seeing.

Then started something I could describe as a movie. The scene was taking place in the past, I would say the 19th century, and I would “watch the movie” as with a subjective camera, meaning when I would look down, I would see my feet. In that “movie”, I was a man – I had men shoes, and I was evolving in the society of that time, dating women etc. Suzanne made me continue telling her about the life of that man, I am not sure for how long. At some points during the session, I would dissociate for a second from the story, being surprised by what was going on, but I kept telling what I was seeing and the “movie” kept going on.

I arrived at the time of the death of that man, and his funeral. I saw him watching his ceremony from up against the ceiling of the church, and very soon afterwards, I saw myself as a baby in the arms of my mother in this life.  

At that point, Suzanne proceeded to help the spirit of that man leave me from this dimension and rejoin his fiancée´s spirit in the Light.

I couldn´t say for sure what happened -  nonetheless the session left me “lighter”, re-energized, feeling younger in a way.   Sandrine K.


I suffered 47 years of severe chronic bulimia. My history included but was not limited to 12 formal treatment facilities ranging from 1 week to 9 months (inpatient, day treatment, residential, intensive outpatient), traditional therapy, alternative healing modalities and 12 step programs. I had 2 major suicide attempts (I wasn’t depressed as much as I didn’t know how else to stop being bulimic). I couldn’t hold a job, often couldn’t pay my bills, was tens of thousands of dollars in debt from bingeing and purging, was medically compromised in multiple ways and basically couldn’t care for myself. In short, I was a nonfunctional human mess for much of my life.

In late 2018 Suzanne facilitated my going into a hypnotic state. I was in this wondrously expansive field and was instructed to notice a door or portal. I stepped through a shimmering oval shaped portal that hovered about 1-1.5 feet above the ground. Suzanne asked me where I was.  I said I was nowhere...or I did not know where. I felt suspended in the middle of a “net”-not trapped but just there.  I was definitely in my body but somehow connected to all - a cosmic net. Suzanne directed my attention to my body and asked me if I saw or sensed anything. I noticed (visually and kinesthetically) a very dark amoeboid shaped “thing” /spot in my net. I simultaneously had a significantly dark and dense tightness in my solar plexus and felt marked discomfort /pain. I could feel it clinging to me, not wanting to leave. There was movement, a slight loosening, when she attempted to facilitate it leaving - I felt the tugs in my solar plexus, but this entity seemed to not want to let go. Suzanne then did another process to surround it. There was an intense crystalline white light-I felt it- This brilliant light surrounded the entity, loosened it, and it was removed and sent to a safe place. At the same time, I felt something was strongly pulled out of my solar plexus-it was almost painful An immediate profoundly relaxed calm set in. I felt feather light and I felt so grounded. It was quite remarkable. Something had shifted and I knew that to be true at a very deep level.

My work with Suzanne continued the following week. I again entered the portal and there were one or two more entities still attached to me. They were not as dark as the previous one but still required removal.  Using her process Suzanne facilitated their removal. Again I felt incredibly light and grounded.

During this session Suzanne also used hypnosis to send me back into my mother’s womb as well to get a sense how my mother felt about being pregnant and how I felt.  I felt myself there in the womb-restless, uncomfortable. I strongly sensed how terrified my mother was- of my mother was- of having me- of parenting. Suzanne instructed me to go back to my mom to see if she would let me help her. I was able to get her (my mom’s) attention and assured her I would be there for her. I tapped on her, we hugged. I felt such compassion, warmth, and love for my mom- the tears started streaming down my cheeks. I understood I loved and love. I felt and feel compassion. When I came out of the hypnotic state I again felt incredible lightness.  I felt whole.  I have not had a thought or desire since. I am not shaky in body or mind. People have commented how different I seem. I am grateful to be alive, to have a relationship with myself and with the world. I am not preoccupied with bingeing, purging, and structuring my entire day around it.   S.H.


As I was guided by Suzanne into hypnosis I saw a grassy meadow and in the distance a glowing golden pyramid.  Next I was asked to see a mirror and to stand in front of it. As I looked in the mirror I did not see myself but instead an Egyptian princess. She had black hair with a blunt cut like you see in pictures. She was wearing a gold headpiece with an asp in the center. Her dress was white with colorful trim. She appeared to be admiring herself in the mirror. When asked who she was she said her name was Ananda (which I found out today, over a week later means “blessed”). She said she had entered me when I was an infant.  When asked where she lived I saw a palace where she lived alone. There were not a lot of people around if any. She said she had entered me because I was “ alone”. When she was asked to leave me I saw her rise into the white light. I actually felt lighter afterwards, and less above others for lack of a better word.   Lise A.

About Suzanne Biddiscombe, M.A.

  I believe people come into our lives at just the right time.  So welcome.  Please look around.  In addition to having a master's in developmental psychology I am trained in hypnotherapy,  mind-body techniques, and traditional counseling. 

My main belief is if people are going to heal they they must be able to access the deepest part of themselves- which is their subconscious mind - the place I have discovered over the years, holds all the answers to the "whys" of problematic emotions and baffling behaviors.  It also holds the "solutions" to help restore well-being.

Helping people with long standing anxiety and depression is one of specialities.  I am also a trained trauma specialist.  If you have experienced sexual abuse,  physical abuse, suffered a catastrophic accident or life threatening diagnosis I can help.

If you have tried numerous approaches and are still suffering I suggest reading my blog series as I go into detail regarding Spirit Release Therapy.  I provide a scientific context and valuable resources for further research.   This is an ancient practice that works to resolve many long standing addictions, negative thinking and fearful ideations, as well as crippling depression and anxiety.

My Blog

Thoughts on Bad Habits and Addictions

Anything you cannot go painlessly without that leads to unwanted consequences is either a bad habit or it has become an addiction.  Only you know for sure.

Both bad habits or addictive behaviors serve a very distinct purpose.  They sedate, tranquilize or control discomfort felt inside.  Sometimes a person may feel lonely, anxious, full of grief or regret because of things that happened in their lives.  Sometimes they have no idea why they feel the way they feel.   Certain behaviors may help you disengage so you can leave the uncomfortable emotions behind.  Temporarily that is.

For the past 20 years I have worked with people with a variety of addictions, bad habits, and negative ways of thinking.  Each person wanted to break free from the stranglehold a bad habit or an addiction had on their lives.  They felt that they had lost control - often isolating - cut off from friends and family.

After I received my master's in developmental psychology, I worked in traditional settings that treat drug and alcohol addictions and found the therapies to be, for the most part,  unsatisfactory.  In too many cases once the person left treatment they often relapsed.  This concerned me.  So I set out to find alternative therapies and techniques that were effective.

What I have discovered has helped my clients.  For 10 years I have had my own private practice using cutting edge techniques that not only help people end their bad habits or addictions, but also assist them in getting to the root cause of why the bad habit or addiction occurred in the first place. So whether it is a food addiction like binge-eating, binge-purging, or  opioids or alcohol abuse, the techniques are effective. 


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