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  Welcome!   Please take time to look around.  If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or some long standing addiction and have tried numerous approaches that have not worked you have come to the right place.

While I have been trained in developmental psychology, and have a master's,  I am truly a mind-body therapist.   I am trained in hypnotherapy,  emotional freedom techniques and other practices that have proven track records in helping people break free from anxiety, depression and the addictive behaviors these emotional states  cause. People want to be in control of their lives, not have their decisions and behaviors dictated by debilitating emotions.  Therefore I offer key essential techniques that you can apply in your daily life for more peace of mind as we get to the root cause of your condition.

My main belief is if people are going to heal they must be able to access the deepest part of themselves- which is their subconscious mind - the place I have discovered over the years,  holds the answers or the "whys" to debilitating cyclic emotions such as anxiety and depression.  The subconscious also holds the necessary insights and learning needed to break free from these conditions in order to restore well-being.  

Helping people with long standing anxiety and depression is my speciality.  I am also a trauma specialist.  So if you have for example experienced childhood trauma or have received a life threatening diagnosis,  which can be very traumatic, or are unable to get over a past painful memory I can help you.

If you have tried numerous approaches and are still suffering I suggest reading my blog series as I go into detail regarding a therapy approach called Spirit Release Therapy, which has been around since the 1970s.  I provide a scientific context and valuable resources for further research.   This is an ancient practice that works to resolve many long standing issues, negative thinking,  fearful thoughts, as well as crippling depression and anxiety.  I have found it works when all other approaches have been exhausted.  

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Thoughts on Bad Habits and Addictions

Anything you cannot go painlessly without that leads to unwanted consequences is either a bad habit or it has become an addiction.  Only you know for sure.

Both bad habits or addictive behaviors serve a very distinct purpose.  They sedate, tranquilize or control discomfort felt inside.  Sometimes a person may feel lonely, anxious, full of grief or regret because of things that happened in their lives.  Sometimes they have no idea why they feel the way they feel.   Certain behaviors may help you disengage so you can leave the uncomfortable emotions behind.  Temporarily that is.

For the past 20 years I have worked with people with a variety of addictions, bad habits, and negative ways of thinking.  Each person wanted to break free from the stranglehold a bad habit or an addiction had on their lives.  They felt that they had lost control - often isolating - cut off from friends and family.

After I received my master's in developmental psychology, I worked in traditional settings that treat drug and alcohol addictions and found the therapies to be, for the most part,  unsatisfactory.  In too many cases once the person left treatment they often relapsed.  This concerned me.  So I set out to find alternative therapies and techniques that were effective.

What I have discovered has helped my clients.  For 10 years I have had my own private practice using cutting edge techniques that not only help people end their bad habits or addictions, but also assist them in getting to the root cause of why the bad habit or addiction occurred in the first place. So whether it is a food addiction like binge-eating, binge-purging, or  opioids or alcohol abuse, the techniques are effective. 


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Feel free to ask me any questions.  Reach out.  Let me help you live a life fully engaged. Together, we can work out a plan that is perfect for you. 

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