Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting Transforms Anxiety and Depression


Matrix Reimprinting using EFT is a technique that clears negative emotions and learning based in painful events experienced at any time in one’s life. Matrix Reimprinting, like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), uses the traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system, which can be traced all the way back, at least three thousand years, to the Shaolin and Chinese monasteries. Emotional Freedom Techniques has a history demonstrating its effectiveness in treating a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions. To learn more read my section on EFT and go to:

How does Matrix Reimprinting (MR) with EFT work?  Quite simply we go to a past memory that is bothering you and clear the emotions, the negative beliefs or learnings formed at the time, to help your younger self (think similar to inner child work.)  Going back and actually helping your younger self through the negative event, in a new positive way, helps you change the foundations of YOUR reactions to the world in a more positive way. The “reimprinting” part of MR, changes the mind, body, and spirit reference feelings, as well as the pictures to create a happier, more stress free you in the present.

So you are using EFT with Matrix Reimprinting but how is it different? 

So while Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT takes the emotional intensity or charge out of a past memory, so that you are able to recall your most traumatic and stressful life memories without any emotional disruption or stress, with MR the painful past memory is completely changed and transformed.  This is because with Matrix you go into the past memory, and say or do what you wished you had said and done at that time, and you are able to bring in valuable resources – which in essence changes the picture you have of the memory which changes your perception.

In Matrix Reimprinting we adopt a quantum viewpoint. We view negative events or memories as being held as pictures or holograms in your body-field. Until you change or transform them you continue to tune into them on a subconscious level affecting your wellbeing, which leads to continued emotional eating, restricting, and other addictive behaviors. In short it affects your point of attraction, until you change the pictures, which creates a physical and emotional sense of well being, that enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life. 

Aren’t we Denying Reality When We Create Something Different? 

It is important to recognize that MR embraces a quantum physics point of view, which says any number of possible pasts or futures is possible, which is very different then denying an experience. It is more about tuning into a story that is more resourceful, while simultaneously releasing the stress and trauma that we hold in our body-mind due to traumatic life events.

Matrix Reimprinting has a number of creative, effective ways to address and transform:

§ Emotional Eating

§ Restricting 

§ Body Image Issues

§ Limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs

§ Birth traumas

§ Relationships issues