Past Life Therapy for Anxiety, Depression & Addictions

You may wonder what past life therapy is exactly and whether you have to believe in reincarnation to explore the possibility of other incarnations.  Maybe you think you have enough problems in this life without exploring other ones. Or perhaps you are interested especially if you have pursued traditional and non-traditional therapies and nothing has helped heal your anxiety, depression, addiction, traumas, interpersonal relationship issues, etc.

Regardless of your position I believe it requires a level of openness and receptivity to explore possibilities. Being open to possibilities is important. When I use regression therapy to locate the source of a particular problem, i.e. why a person has anxiety, suffers from debilitating depression, has a long term addiction they can't break free from,  inevitably the subconscious or inner mind always locates the events or circumstances that are the source of their problems. Quite often they are based in traumatic events, or emotionally painful events from other lifetimes.

Some people believe if you want to explore past life therapy you have to use hypnosis to uncover past-life memories. This is not true either. I have found that when a person focuses on their emotions and the physical sensations, while talking about their current problem, it guides them to the circumstances or source of their pain. Strong emotions are the passageway into the subconscious mind and there are always memories associated with them.

We have three levels of consciousness. There is the conscious mind. There is the subconscious mind and the super conscious mind.  Have you ever been on a long drive and  suddenly realized you have no recollection of where the last hour or so went? Most people would say yes.  Well that was your conscious mind doing the thinking. Then there is the subconscious mind that was doing the driving, breathing, all the functions, plus saving the memory of all the lost time. The super conscious mind can be compared to the virtual hard drive in a computer. It stores all your memories, including all your past life experiences.  You can also refer to this as your soul. Your soul carries every incarnation you have ever hand plus every memory from those incarnations.

In my experience people tend to have repetitive themes or patterns that show up in their lives over and over again.  They have similar emotional responses to those repetitive themes.  Sort of the same story slightly different plot. Sometimes a theme shows up in multiple lifetimes and the individual gains wisdom each time and evolves their soul.

One thing I have noticed conducting Past Life Therapy is that people tend to have a life plan. This includes everything from their particular gender, the type of family they are born into - essentially the overall circumstances - plus the learning experiences.

This life plan also includes the appearance of soul mates which are part of the experience.  Soul mates radiate at a similar frequency. They have a resonant frequency of like attracting like, so when you meet one, you know it because it fosters an inexplicable harmony. There is this immediate sense of familiarity.  Soul mates are not always romantic partners. They can be friends or siblings as two examples.  Everyone has synchronistic meetings, chance occurrences and magnetic attractions. These are points of destiny or simply destiny points.  They show up to guide you back to your life plan. When doing past life therapy it is even possible to revisit the planning phase - the period between lives - so you can glimpse the spirit world and identify your personal destiny points as you revisit the plan for your current life.  The most important point is that you always have free will.  Your free will always predominates.  Nothing is preordained.   

Before embarking on past life therapy it is important to get somewhat clear on what you want to achieve from the process.  What is your intention? Some people just want to get to the bottom of their anxiety, depression, or addiction.  That is perfectly fine. You must honor your thoughts and feelings.

Again it does take a degree of openness and receptivity to pursue past life therapy.  But if you are suffering and nothing to this point has helped, allowing yourself the opportunity to “peek under the hood” so to speak, into your subconscious, to find the source of your ongoing problems, can be both illuminating and cathartic.

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