What are people saying about Suzanne and How to Break free from Anxiety


When I started to work with Suzanne I had a lot of stomach issues, had difficulty eating and suffered from extreme, almost "frozen" anxiety which made it difficult to interact with other people.  I isolated myself. Since working with her I have gotten a job, I am swimming and "being seen" in a public pool, and all of my stomach issues are gone. I now can eat foods that would make me sick before.  Although I had a lot of severe problems stemming from my childhood I had no idea how they affected physically.  I am very happy that I have been able to release a lot of them and I thought I would never be free of the emotional and physical pain they caused.  I feel more confident about myself and my life in general.

 Nirvana M.


When I went to Suzanne, I had no idea that I would have an experiences unlike anything I ever experienced before.   Through hypnosis she was able to help me feel my mother when she was pregnant with me, and when I was in utero. I was able to hear and sense what was going on. I was also able to regress back into a past life, where I was a man in the 1760's, imprisoned in a dungeon by a king. It amazed me how many parallels we were able to uncover, that kept me stuck in my present lifetime. I was able to literally release the "chains that bound me," and feel relief, both emotionally and physically. Those panicky feelings of choking, heart palpitations, overriding sadness seemed to come from those  past life remembrances. I also did a Spirit Release Therapy session and  released an earthbound spirit that I think may have kept me stuck in the muck and mire today. It's wonderful that the overriding sad feeling I woke up with each morning is no longer there. Thank you Suzanne for sharing you gifts with me. I feel I can live out the rest of my life feeling more relief, and centered in each moment.

Beth R.


I am an ex-client of Suzanne Biddiscombe’s, who I consulted in 2013 when I lived in Miami, for a long lasting eating disorder that I couldn´t get rid of.  After 12 intense sessions, I was healed in a way that I never thought possible.  Today, 5 years later, I am still immensely grateful for her therapy and so happy for its outcome.

Since then I have moved to Mexico, and therefore am quite far away from Suzanne´s practice. Nonetheless, I saw her about a year ago as she visited Mexico City, and she offered to do a session, which I viewed as a follow-up.   The session was completely different from any other before. In a deeply relaxed state (which Suzanne help you reach), she suggested to me I was in a room, with several doors, and asked me to open one and tell her what I was seeing. 

Then started something I could describe as a movie. The scene was taking place in the past, I would say the 19th century, and I would “watch the movie” as with a subjective camera, meaning when I would look down, I would see my feet. In that “movie”, I was a man – I had men shoes, and I was evolving in the society of that time, dating women etc. Suzanne made me continue telling her about the life of that man, I am not sure for how long. At some points during the session, I would dissociate for a second from the story, being surprised by what was going on, but I kept telling what I was seeing and the “movie” kept going on.

I arrived at the time of the death of that man, and his funeral. I saw him watching his ceremony from up against the ceiling of the church, and very soon afterwards, I saw myself as a baby in the arms of my mother in this life.  

At that point, Suzanne proceeded to help the spirit of that man leave me from this dimension and rejoin his fiancée´s spirit in the Light.

I couldn´t say for sure what happened -  nonetheless the session left me “lighter”, re-energized, feeling younger in a way.   Sandrine K.


Suzanne helped me move past a very difficult breakup. I was isolating myself, felt depressed and was eating some comfort foods at night watching television.  We did Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimporting and some hypnosis.  Since our work I am traveling again, taking better care of myself.  We worked through some old  painful memories that have assisted me in gaining insights about myself and why I was attracted to certain men and situations in  my life. 

Another experience I had was doing something called Spirit Release Therapy. I was guided by Suzanne into hypnosis I saw a grassy meadow and in the distance a glowing golden pyramid.  Next I was asked to see a mirror and to stand in front of it. As I looked in the mirror I did not see myself but instead an Egyptian princess. She had black hair with a blunt cut like you see in pictures. She was wearing a gold headpiece with an asp in the center. Her dress was white with colorful trim. She appeared to be admiring herself in the mirror. When asked who she was she said her name was Ananda (which I found out today, over a week later means “blessed”). She said she had entered me when I was an infant.  When asked where she lived I saw a palace where she lived alone. There were not a lot of people around if any. She said she had entered me because I was “ alone”. When she was asked to leave me I saw her rise into the white light. I actually felt lighter afterwards, and less above others for lack of a better word.    Lise A.


I worked with Suzanne when I was 16 almost 17 and she helped me work through an eating disorder - bulimia. Although I had worked with a good therapist, who used Cognitive Behavioral therapy It did not work for me. Suzanne used a combination of "tapping", along with hypnosis to help me overcome my problem. I wound up visiting early childhood memories, which were the basis of my anxiety  and sometimes depression. Working through them has helped me a lot. I am no longer bulimic and am more at peace in my life.

Amelia S.